Easter is one of the most important and traditionally the happiest holiday in the Christian world, both Orthodox and Catholic.
Pre nego što sam uplovila u svet Erazmus života nisam razmišljala o tome šta će se desiti kada se vratim sa te iste studentske razmene. Da li je to neophodno?
Let's welcome international students with a proper introduction to their new home!
Postani deo najveće studentske mreže u Evropi!
Our badnjak brings all the Christians to the yard and they're like Hristos se rodi!
How the customs shape the holiDAYS
The image of the fat man with a beard in a red suit is all too familiar to everyone with love for the winter holidays, but what happens when Santa has competition?
The queen of every Christmas lunch in a Serbian household, but what does that actually mean?
Customs during Christmas can range from one village to another, and they often do with little or no connecting dots except the name Božić. But what all nations, including Serbs, have in common is that the holiday period is connected to happiness
skreno, nisam mnogo znala o tome šta me tamo čeka, kao ni šta se od mene očekuje kada sam se odlučila da prisustvujem. Nakon svih mejlova činilo se kao da je mnogo odluka na malim delegacijama da odluče.