On 18. and 19. October, two-day humanitarian tournament in mini football took place under the name “Goal for Serbia”. All the collected resources will be sent to the village Bogdanje in municipality Trstenik, that was damaged during the May floods.

Although couple of months from the floods that have struck the entire region passed, people around Serbia still need help. That’s why the informal youth group “Pozitivci”, consisting of ESN Novi Sad volunteers came to an idea to organize a humanitarian tournament at sport center “Hattrick” on Liman.

This isn’t the first time that a tournament  of this type is organized in Novi Sad. In June, ESN organized a very successful humanitarian tournament in mini football. However, “Goal for Serbia” is different because it was financed by Ministry of Youth and Sports and is supported by Resurs Center of “Novi Sad Humanitarian Center”. Members of “Pozitivci” are also very grateful to the sport center “Hattrick” for allowing this tournament to be held in their space for free.

13 teams participated at this tournament, out of which 3 were female.  One team consisted of our Erasmus students, so we came to conclusion that it doesn’t matter where do we come from if we’re ready to cooperate together and help each other out.

We congratulate the winning team called “Adice” but also 2nd and 3nd placed “Party Monsters” and “Kondicija”.

ESN Novi Sad and Pozitivci once again thanks all the participants and volunteers who have helped in making this tournament successful and you can take a look at pictures and videos on FB page “Pozitivci”.