On October 19th ESN Novi Sad organized a charity Karaoke night with the goal of raising funds and supplies for Joci’s handicapped dogs, an organization dedicated to taking care of dogs with disabilities. The event took place at iBeer Concept Bar in Novi Sad, and it was attended not only by members of ESN, but also the foreign exchange students from all over Europe currently studying in Novi Sad, as well as members of the general public.

The charity that we set out to help, Joci’s handicapped dogs, is a part of the association Spaske from Kraljevo, which is the only animal welfare organization in that city. Joci’s handicapped dogs, as a branch of this association, deals specifically with dogs with disabilities, most of which were abandoned by their owners and left on the streets to fend for themselves. The dogs live in a house in Kraljevo and are taken care of by volunteers, who give their time and effort in order for these dogs to have a better quality of life. The living conditions of these dogs are dismal, as the house is not well-suited for such a large number of dogs, and even though the volunteers there give as much as they can, they cannot cover the costs of renovation. All of the funds for this organization are based on charity, and they are always in need of more supplies for the dogs, such as food or diapers.

The concept of the event itself turned out to be a great success, since everybody enjoys doing karaoke, especially if they can help dogs with disabilities in the process. It was attended by around fifty people, all of whom enjoyed singing songs from Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’ to Toto’s ‘Africa’. While the main purpose of this event was to help out this organization, we also succeeded in getting to know each other and the people from other countries, and learn about their views on animal welfare and animal rights in general. The foreign exchange students especially enjoyed this event as they got a chance to hear some popular Serbian songs, and learn more about the country in which they are spending their semester or the entire school year. Everyone who attended the event brought either a donation in the form of money, or dog food and doggy diapers, and we ended up raising enough to make difference in the lives of these dogs, although they still need much more. Those who came were delighted by the opportunity to help them, and we hope to have inspired them to give more in the future, either on their own initiative or through events of this type. 

Seeing as how much success we had with this event, ESN Novi Sad looks forward to having this type of charity in the future, as we have in the past. A worthy cause such as this deserves so much, and the donation each of us gave may not have meant a lot to us, but it definitely meant a great deal to these animals, whose lives depend of the good hearts of strangers.




Marija Presječan