Around 70 students gathered in the southwestern part of Serbia on Zlatibor mountain, from 13th to 15th of May, where ESN Serbia implemented the „Let’s Get Mobile!“ conference which was granted by the ESAA, where ESN Serbia applied for OYOE.

Members of ESN Serbia and its three sections (ESN BelUPgrade, ESN Novi Sad and ESN Nis), representative from ESN BIH, students on exchange, student representative from the Faculty of BEE, members of student organizations such as ELSA and Youth Forum came to Zlatibor Mountain, where they were accommodated in the beautiful student resort surrounded by pure nature. Friday evening the 13th of May, they spent in a traditional restaurant with the traditional food and music. The focus was on making friendships and straightening the connections, improving the communication and breaking the ice before the main conference day. The night was tradition-orientated as all students had an insight into one part of Serbian tradition and they did a quiz about Serbia.

On the next day, in the morning, we had the presentation about Erasmus+ programme and how to apply for it, with all the following information. Afterwards, we had interactive, interesting and fun workshop about Intercultural dialogue by ICUnet.AG trainer, Marianne Kreuzig, which lasted for almost four hours. In this workshop she pointed out and started up main topics and discussions about cultural prejudice, stereotypes for each country with the proper pictures and videos and suggestions how to overcome them.

After the break, two representatives from the International Relation Office (IRO) from the University of Belgrade and the representative from IRO from Technical Faculty of Bor with the student representative, and two colleagues from the Faculty joined the conference. All the guests held a presentation about their universities and organizations. We presented ESN Serbia and Katarina Vascic presented ESAA. Then we started discussion almost three hours long about students on exchange and student mobility. The goal was to obtain some new ideas which would help us improve our services offered to the exchange students. This discussion was crucial for us, and all three parties participated: IROs, student organizations and students on exchange. We shared the best practices, heard the needs of the students and the problems they are facing when coming to a new city and we got their feedback on how to improve services that ESN and IROs offer to them, but also the problems from IROs side and where they are seeing the chance to improve the collaboration and services. After the discussion, we all agreed to continue working on the mentioned issues. The IROs will receive the report with the proposal for better services, promotion strategy of the Serbia as a Partner country on the Universities and educational fairs and for the next semester we will hopefully improve services of our organization.

On the third day, we dedicated the morning to sports activities and hiking tour, 5km long, to the Second WW monument. The view was stunning and we all enjoyed the nature and fresh air. In the noon, as the ending of the whole conference, in the collaboration with Touristic organization of Zlatibor, we had the guided tour, where we had #followtheumbrella, and met with all historian and cultural facts about Zlatibor.