A new generation of Erasmus students and volunteers has found their new home in Novi Sad and since  October 1st, they didn’t get a break as their timetable was full of events ESN have prepared for them.

Starting with ’get to know each other’ night better known as Icebreaker Games, around 40 students had the opportunity to form new friendships, meet ESN volunteers and to start their journey in a more relaxed manner through funny challenges and activities. 

But the challenge didn’t stop there. A new one was waiting right the next day during the Scavenger Hunt where they had to find treasures, make funny photographs and to really step out of their comfort zone. Neither the cold weather nor having to make a human pyramid didn’t stop the winning team, so the challenging day ended in Gerila bar chilling with a couple of beers and warming up after a cold autumn day. ’.

Movie Night: Serbian Edition probably captured more the attention of guys than girls because it was time for ’Montevideo’ and football, but it seems that in the end, it was the right choice as there were more than 20 people enjoying the movie, even though in the next room there were people watching the real football game.

Quiz Night at first may doesn’t sound as interesting as collecting clues and finding your way through Novi Sad, but the atmosphere was actually on fire during the four rounds of Serbian trivia quiz. Many people were eager to answer the questions, especially when it came to knowledge about Serbian culture, but as it seems, the participants still have to learn a few more things about Vojvodina. We do hope that by now, they remembered what is a ’kibicfenster’.

To make the week (almost) complete, there also had to be food. That’s why the students and volunteers cooked meals to represent their home country for everyone who wanted to try something new, exotic or traditional Serbian food on Euro Dinner. Besides gibanica, there were also specialties from Lithuania, Germany, Spain, Greece, Poland, France, Italy etc., so options for all the food and culture lovers were various.

The week ended with the first time ever Enter Erasmus Party in Dom b-612 which probably made some of the best Erasmus stories and memories. Even though the night started slow and the students were still a bit shy, as it proceeded, the rhythm and the music made them all dance and meet each other as well as locals.  
As one of Novi Sad EVS volunteers, Cassandra Dif-Burel said, she can’t pick from one event. Actually, she loved them all because they helped her to find new friends and to get to know Novi Sad better, so, we can say that our mission is accomplished but it’s still not over. New events, challenges, and activities are just coming and the Erasmus adventure has just started.



Tina Nataroš