Each month ESN Novi Sad gives special praise to the members who stood out most due to their effort and contribution to the development of the section.
This month’s hero is Vladislav Živanović, a very active member of ESN section in Novi Sad and as of recently, our ExchangeAbility Coordinator too. We are really lucky to have a dedicated member such as him, and we know that he works hard to motivate others to be as hard-working as he is.  We asked Vladislav a couple of questions so you could get to know him better.

What do you study? What is your goal in life and why?

I study Energy and Process Engineering at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, but in general, except becoming a successful engineer, I would like to travel the world, visit exciting places, meet friendly people and have a good time during each of my adventures. I speak three different foreign languages but i wish to learn at least one more.

How would you describe yourself?

I am positive and motivating, reasonably optimistic and moderately ambitious (sometimes a procrastinator as well :) )

What motivates and attracts you about ESN?

For me ESN is a way to be surrounded by people with multicultural backgrounds, with a vision and ambitions to realize it. For me it is not only satisfying on a personal level, but it is also a way to contribute to a bigger group of people, concretely to students on exchange, or to a specific community as is the case with SocialErasmus. We all contribute to a significant thing, and it is spreading our network continuously in order to create a more friendly and comfortable atmosphere for incoming students and to ease their integration.

Why do you think ESN is important?

The importance of ESN reflects in a lot of things. For me personally, the value is in friendships and acquaintances established during yours or someone else's exchange. On the local level of sections, experience you gather while taking part in the organization of different events and the experience of interaction with different institutions is priceless. From an international perspective however, ESN is an organization recognized main Higher Education Institutions in Europe, and it contributes to their policy-making by representing the interests of exchange students.

Since this is a volunteer organization, what does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteerism is maybe the best way to discover your true preferences and tendencies; to recognize real values and strengthen your personality. Through discovering other people's motives for volunteering you also learn to estimate their personal affinities on that basis. It’s a way to test your abilities, it teaches you team work, helps you to define yourself in a way and boosts your self-esteem.

Do you believe you’ve gained something important from working in ESN and, if yes, what?

Well, I’ve realized that you are appreciated when you are contributing to this community and the work is definitely recognized. In terms of friends, I am impressed, because there are always some interesting things happening (visits to cultural places, walks, travelling, etc.) and I’ve met a lot of people with whom I am friends now. I don’t regret being a part of this organization and a part of a team that is actually doing something and whose work is recognized.