Each month ESN Novi Sad wishes to give special praise to the members who have stood out because of their effort and contribution to the development of the section.

This month that is Zorica Jotić, very active member of ESN section in Novi Sad and Event Team and we can only wish her to continue with her hard work.  We have asked Zorica a couple of questions to introduce  her to you and to get to know her better.
What are you studying?What do you want to do in your life? Why did that attract you ?

I am studying at the Faculty of Technology, course Oil and Petrochemical Engineering .I wish to work as an engineer in an oil rafinery. I haven’t chosen a place yet,but I would love to get a chance to work in some of the Scandinavian (for example in Norway) or in some Arabian countries. Honestly, I came to my faculty accidentaly and unplaned,but during time I found myself in certain areas and now I am thrilled because of my future calling.

How would you desribe yourself?

I am creative and comic person. Sociable and relaxed. Great hedonist and love to eat. I love to spend time with interesting and smiling people. I am hard working  and unselfish and I stand behind my work and effort. I love nature and animals and those are some of my greatest „loves“ if I can call them like that.

What motivates and attracts you about ESN?

What attracts me is the way ESN is organized. For example, I like that there are teams that are really different and you can find yourself in any of them. It’s attractive that there are always new and interesting people in ESN and foreigners coming to hang out with us and that I have an opportunity to perfect my language. The idea of the organization itself is very good. 

Why do you think is ESN important?

You get a chance to intellectually improve and to learn to have some responcibilities and to make decision that may bring  some big and imporant changes in your life. Also, you are slowly entering the circle of educated and hard working people with whom you maybe you didn’t have contacts. Besides, you are young and you experience some really nice things with people your own age. If you’re adventurist, there is an opportunity to travel and meet new people and places.

Since this is a volunteer organization, what does volunteering mean to you?

Volunteerinh doesn’t have to imply just a humanitarian contribution to someone or something, but it’s also about how much that contributes to your psyche and your emotional fullfilment. For me volunteering means doing what you really want to do and you’re working on selfgratification. You are builing your personality and work on your character, correcting some things that maybe aren’t good or you are becoming more hard working and more aware of the world around you.

Do you believe you’ve gained something important from working in ESN and what is that?
Well,I’ve realized that you are appreciated when you are contributing to thes community and work is definetelly recognized. In terms of friends, I am impressed, because there are always some interesting things happening (visits to cultural places, walks, travelling...) and I’ve met a lot of people with whom I am friends now. I don’t regret being a part of this organization and a part of a team that is actually doing something and whose work is recognized.