ESNteam wins yet another time! With youth tourism in mind, OPENS (Omladinska Prestonica Evrope Novi Sad/European Youth Capital Novi Sad 2019) made a competition for anyone interested in giving their own vision of our hometown. Beating over 30 teams in an open (pun fully intended) competition, ESN proves yet again it has what it takes. 


The task given by OPENS was to make a travel guide for Novi Sad, but not a traditional one; namely there was a need for a modern guide for young travellers which would contain interesting and unusual places with youth tourism target group in mind. Members of the ESNteam managed to make it to the finals and eventually win despite over 30 other applications. 

Alongside Nađa and Nikolina, the team members were Maksim Karanović, who analysed data from a research conducted by the local section of Erasmus students and believed the team would win relentlessly, and Luka Papić, born-“limanac” and an encyclopaedia of Novi Sad legends and facts.

One of the winning team members, Nađa Jovičin, believes that their team had an advantage compared to the others: “I think the secret of our success of this guide was the fact that except the basic things that all guides have, we included some interesting things that even people living in Novi Sad might not know.” She added that another advantage was that all team members are frequent travellers so they are constantly in the youth tourism industry one way or another.

On exactly twenty pages, this team represented Novi Sad as a city for young people with a focus on unique cuisine of Vojvodina and the culture of “coffeeing” which is incredibly important in the city (read about exactly what that means when the guide is published wink ). The crucial part of the guide are the 7 secrets of Novi Sad inspired by the team members’ trip to the Italian city of Bologna where the locals introduced them to their own city secrets.

The project designer Nikolina Đurić said enthusiastically how they managed to put the guide together in record time: “It's amazing how we managed to finalize the thing in basically 3 days, although the competition was open for a while. We started late, so I designed for over 10 hours in one sitting, but it was worth it in the end.”


Nikolina added what inspired her as well: “The entire guide is meant to be interactive, so that people would keep it as a memorabilia, but mostly have fun during their stay and create memories”.

“The guide already existed in our heads because we showed so many of our ESN and Erasmus friends around town that it was a simple task to put it all on paper,” Nađa said remembering the writing process itself.

The team agrees that the guide is very important for ESN Novi Sad, and Nikolina pointed out that this should be a regular practice in ESN: “Each section should have this kind of a guide for their city and make it easier to visitors when they’re somewhere for the first time.”

“Being in ESN means having a friend in each city, and having a guide which serves as that friend is a blessing. We are all so different, all our cultures are so different, but having a local show you something you can’t see otherwise is the way we can truly appreciate each other,” Nina added.

After the guide is finalized, it will be available and distributed across the city. ESN team also intends to include it as much as they can and present it to the incoming students on Erasmus and other exchange programs in the future.


                                                                              Katarina Vasić