World Class was founded in Stockholm in 1983 by Mr Ulf Bengtsson, former bodybuilding champion and current CEO of World Class International. The first World Class clubs paved the way for the industry of recreational clubs in Sweden. Known for its professional trainers and quality equipment, World Class has become a name that people associate with recreation in Sweden.

With state of the art fitness centers and health academies in major cities of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Croatia, and Serbia, World Class is the strongest international provider of services in the region today. World Class brand has developed into a remarkable network of high-quality fitness clubs operating in more than 12 European countries with over 60,000 active members.

In World Class you can choose a workout that suits you. It  offers all of the exercises that reduce stress (such as yoga and pilates), the exercises that burn fat (such as spinning and aerobics) and that of the best trained instructors in our country. 


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