• Jedan od naših najjaktivnijih volontera, a student master studija anglistike na Filozofskom fakultetu u Novom Sadu nam prenosi svoje iskustvo sa razmene u Haleu (Nemačka), tokom zimskog semestra 2021/2022. godine
  • The dystrict where the capital of Vojvodina is settled is Bačka. Just like Banat, this dystrict is also not only placed in Serbia, but the smaller part of it spreads over Hungary.
  • Srem is a district of the Southwest Vojvodina. It is placed between the rivers Danube and Sava, and it borders with Croatia. It is characterized by the great variety of natural and cultural intriguing beauties.
  • Vojvodina is situated in North Serbia and it is divided into three main districts: Banat, Srem and Bačka. It is a province of culture, diversity and tolerance.

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